Getting Started with a Free FareHarbor Site

Custom websites built by experts who understand your needs.

Your success is our success, and we know a strong online presence is crucial to your business. That’s why we built FareHarbor Sites, a hosted website platform with customizable templates, designed specifically for the activity and tourism industry.

The result: a website that is smoother for customers, better for business, and easier for you.

The FareHarbor Site Template

FareHarbor sites provide a variety of options to make your site feel unique to your business.

  1. Rentals & Tours
  2. Food Tours

What comes with a FareHarbor site?

  1. A Wordpress website with a homepage, segmentation and activity pages, a company about page and a contact page.
  2. FareHarbor’s custom Wordpress template built to be easy-to-navigate, modern and mobile friendly.
  3. SEO and content review to set your site up for success from the start.
  4. Google Analytics account connected to your FareHarbor dashboard so you can track customers through the full booking process.
  5. SSL certification and yearly renewal.
  6. Less worries with managed hosting, security upgrades and server maintenance.

How to get a FareHarbor Site

Step 1: Submit site intake form

This form includes general information about your company and what you are looking for in your new FareHarbor site.

Get Started on your FareHarbor Site

Step 2: A FareHarbor Site expert will build your site

Our FareHarbor Sites expert will review your submission, build your FareHarbor website, optimize your conversion flow and perform an SEO and Content Review.

Once your site is built, we will set up a call to review your site and gather any feedback you may have before we send your site live.

Step 3: Go live

It’s time to send your FareHarbor site live on your existing URL! We will ensure your site is set up for success by installing an SSL certificate and implementing any necessary URL redirects.

Step 4: Learn how to maintain your FareHarbor site

If you are interested in learning how to add additional pages or content to your site, let us know and we can schedule a 30 minute training to cover adding new pages, updating text and images and adding new activities to your site.