Gift Card Setup

Gift cards are a great way to make more money, especially around the holidays. Keep in mind that gift cards are different from promo codes, and must be redeemable for every activity you offer. Please answer a few questions below so we can add gift cards to your Dashboard.

  • Please include a link to your FareHarbor Dashboard so we know where to add the new item. (Example:
  • Customers buying gift cards can choose between three set gift card amounts or specify a custom amount (see below for an example). Please let us know what you'd like your starting price to be.
  • Optional: Attach an image you would like us to use for your gift card item. Otherwise, we'll use our standard gift card image below. (Note: Images should be no larger than 1MB.)
    Max. file size: 1 MB.
  • Please provide us with your website login so we can add a call to action button on your website.
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